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Making bold statements with colors / OEKAKI50 Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd. sewing machine color variation
To express the innovative function “stitch-like-you-draw”, the design policy set out by the design department was to create something beautiful and attractive on its own which would fit into the interior like an object. They decided to co-develop the color design with Studio PI-PA.

Based on three features 1) the strong, bold and high quality styling design, 2) Europe to be the main market, 3) initial sales to be launched online, Studio PI-PA came up with the following three colors "Passionate Red", "Sage Green", and "Noble Black".

Reminiscent of a sports car is “Passionate Red”. This dashing color takes a role as an eye catcher at stores / online and the uplifting feeling of red will give further satisfaction to its owners. “Sage Green” is the color of herbs popularly used in European cuisine. This tranquil and smooth color fits perfectly into the interior. It’s also the complementary color of red, so both colors will make the other look more attractive. And last but not least is “Noble Black”. This prestigious color has been selected as an essential sellable color.

This product had been popular in Aishin, and was selected as Best 100 of G-Mark / Good Design Awards in 2014. Not only the styling design was well received, but the judges valued the attractiveness of the color desgin as well. >> g-mark.org

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