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An elegant and graceful color - Magnolia / Hitachi's home appliance product line that goes beyond the premium.
The concept was to dramatically change the image of home appliance by adopting the elegant and graceful look of the deep red-violet magnolia flowers that bloom in early spring. This new color was designed to be in harmony with high-grade interior and yet to have presence.

Hitachi premium home appliance products have gone beyond “white goods” creating a new trend from “Garnet” and “Chocolate”. Since then, Hitachi has launched chromatic products such as red cookers, brown refrigerators and champagne-color washing machines that received acclaim from the market giving Hitachi a successful position. However the market followed in the same direction making it difficult to differentiate from others. A new upscale color like “Garnet” that could make an impact was in need, and “Magnolia” was born.

We collaborated with the designers at Hitachi Design Headquarters and gave the products a more refined surface design – matte texture for rice cookers, gradation from black to “Magnolia” for refrigerators, combination of “Magnolia” and champagne-color for vacuum cleaners. The technology, design and pride of Hitachi as a manufacture delivered the ultimate quality that goes beyond the traditional home appliance.

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