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Pink - a color that reflects the feeling of the era / Panasonic's esthetic / hair care / oral product line
Without knowing, we select colors that represent how we feel. Now Japanese working women are looking for colors that will make them look pretty, sweet and affectionate. As a theme color to represent the next era, “pink” was proposed by the design team. We closely collaborated with them and created a variety of pinks with different grades, materials and finishing to match the product features.

The harmonious combination of white and “Beige Brillante” (see showcase 3), which was first used for the esthetic product lines in 2008, has now become an icon color of beauty products being adopted as a color for high-end hair dryer models and other products. The new pink color has been developed not only as an eye catching color, but to establish a strong product line image as well.

The portable electric toothbrush "Pocket Doltz" which has been a big hit since its launch in 2010, has seven color variations and three of them are pink. Pink is no longer a color just for women and in the same way black and blue are no longer just for men. The new colors that we launch each season lead the trend of the times, where we are encouraged to be true to ourselves rather than to make decisions based on our genders.

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