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Easy way to create beautiful color combination objects
Irokumi is a handmade toy using smooth textured paper, designed so that artistic skills, such as color combination and object making, can be learned through playing with it. Anyone can easily make artistic objects with beautiful colors. Assembling and disassembling - through such repeated actions, artistic skills will be naturally developed.

The act of object making using Irokumi holds a large potential to foster "self-expression". The ability to communicate - not just emotions such as happiness and sadness but to embody the image inside your mind and express what you feel inside - will be naturally developed by showing and explaining to others the work created by Irokumi. Also appreciating each other’s work will cultivate the understanding to embrace others having different ideas and accepting the difference without any judgment of superiority or inferiority.

Irokumi is an educational toy to develop color combination and object making abilities, but is also a tool to nurture imagination, expressiveness and communication ability

See Irokumi website for more information. >> irokumi.jp

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