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Past news from Studio PI-PA

March 2014

Parent-and-child workshop using “Irokumi” was hosted by Takanawa Library.

Janurary 2014

New color “Magnolia” refrigerator launched for Hitachi home appliance. >> Hitachi web site

January 2014

Hiromi Ogura held a lecture on color planning at University of Tsukuba, Art and Design, Design Program, Product Design

November 2013

Daikanyama Tsutaya started selling Irokumi with a special display in the kid's corner, which has been well recieved.

September 2013

Parent-and-child workshop using “Irokumi” was hosted by Koishikawa Library. Many unique objects were created. >> irokumi Facebook

July 2013

“Irokumi” was showcased at the 20th Tokyo International Book Fair (Tokyo Big Sight) and was introduced widely including use cases in the children's book corner. >> www.bookfair.jp

April 2013

Hiromi Ogura started teaching at Shinshu University, Kansei Engineering Course, Division of Creative Engineering / Faculty of Textile Science and Technology. “Irokumi” is used during the seminar at Shinshu University as well as Aoyama Gakuin University.

She also held a lecture for color seminars at Japan Color Research Institute.

February 2013

“Irokumi” workshop held in Chigasaki targeting kindergarten to elementary school children. See Facebook for details. >> www.facebook.com/Irokumi

January 2013

A new color strategy for Canon IXY Series was created by collaborating with the designers at Canon Design Center >> cweb.canon.jp/camera/dcam/lineup/

November – December 2012

Hiromi Ogura held lectures at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of System Design and Toyo University, Faculty of Human Life Design.

August 2012
New follow-up colors pink and gold were launched for Panasonic’s beauty products. >> panasonic.jp/face/

June 2012

Designed and produced a booklet "Colors that are close to the heart" that looks back on the 25 year history of Panasonic Beauty. (Not for public release)

April 2012

Milano Salone trend seminar & report This was the 26th visit to Milano Salone. Hiromi Ogura has been covering half of the 52 year history of Milano Salone.

August 2011
After “Vivid Pink” and “Beige Brillante”, a new follow-up color “Champaign Pink” was launched for Panasonic’s beauty products. Beauty product line in “Vivid Pink” has been released by Panasonic. >> showcase 3

July 2011

The classroom shot of Ogura’s seminar using “Irokumi” at Aoyama Gakuin University in the School of Cultural and Creative Studies, was used in the guidance of the faculty.

May 2011

Hiromi Ogura presented “Irokumi as an Educational Tool (for Color sense & Object Making)” during the 42nd national convention of Color Science Association of Japan (at Chiba University)

April 2011

Milano Salone trend report. Hiromi Ogura has been covering Milano Salone for 25 years.

April 2011

Studio PI-PA sent 24 Irokumi assorted box set free of charge to Rikuzentakata through the support activities for Great East Japan Earthquake by Matsushita School of Government and Management. >> Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) site

March 2011

Interior of Hayabusa (Tohoku Shinkansen) was designed by Hitachi Design Headquarters and Studio PI-PA supported the coordination of interior CMF (finish, materials and colors).

February 2011

Hiromi Ogura held a seminar at the color-marketing seminar hosted by Sendenkaigi Co. Ltd.

January 2011

“Irokumi” exhibition held at Gallery Gairoju (Chigasaki)

December 2010

Parent-and-child workshop using “Irokumi” held at Living Design Center OZONE >> Workshop summary

November 2010

Hiromi Ogura held a lecture at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Engineering and Design, College of Engineering and Design

September 2010
Irokumi received G-Mark / Good Design Award >> Award related information
Irokumi website >> irokumi.jp Irokumi was showcased at G-Mark Exhibition that was held to December 5 at Tokyo Midtown. >> For more information

June 2010
“Lucrative Marketing: How to Assess Best Selling Colors” written by Hiromi Ogura, was released by Bijutsu Shuppan Sha. This is a practical marketing book introducing the knowledge of color that would be useful in the actual field of product planning and sales. >> Book information (Bijutsu Shuppan Sha website)


October 2009
UDM project (UDM Project Executive Committee + Living Design Center OZONE) which Hiromi Ogura is responsible for color strategy as executive committee member, received a special award of Good Design Life-Scape Design Award 2009. >> For more information

Digital ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of Hitachi Medical Corporation that Studio PI-PA consulted on coloring, was also elected as Good Design Award Best 15. >> For more information

September 2009
kumikumi / Hiromi Ogura solo-exhibition A toy, which allows you to enjoy colors, material and spatial structure, was created. Creator's Gallery & Shop + D (Daikanyama, Tokyo) / September 10 – 15, 2009
kumikumi debuted as “Irokumi” >> irokumi.jp

April 2009:

Start teaching “Colors and Forms” at AOYAMA GAKUIN University,
School of Cultural Creative Studies, Art Management course.
This course covers one of the basic knowledge to develop human resources who will support and promote art.
It also aims to balance between both academic and technical training.

February 2009:

Baseline survey for Tokyo Bay Area Color Guideline.

December 2008:
Panasonic beauty products with “Beige Brillante” launched.
>> showcase 3

November 2008:

In-house seminar, Canon Inc.

June 2008 STUDIO PI-PA office renovation
Concept – “a space filled with light and colors”
Fully controlled lighting facilities to reproduce product environment for various client needs.

Published in “PRECIOUS” August 2008.
“Vol. 35 visiting the top career professionals workplace with Mari Matsushima”.

March 2008 JVC Liquid Crystal TV EXE launched
Color variation consulting by STUDIO PI-PA.

April 2008:
January 2008:
September 2007:
September 2007:
August 2007:

Color Session Tokyo Big Site Seminar
Seminar for Color Science Association of Japan
Seminar for the public, Canon Inc.
Seminar for product designers, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.
Workshop for product designers in Korea hosted by DIC Color Design Inc.

July 1, 2007: HITACHI BEAT WASH launched in “Chocolat”.

March 6-8, 2007: JAPAN SHOP 2007
TV frame “TOKONOMA” showcased at Decolanitto Corporation’s booth.

July 1, 2007:
April 1, 2007:
March 6-8, 2007:
March 2, 2007:
January 24, 2007:

“Chocolat” launched
Komatsu Ace Ltd. North Fukui Store reopened
JAPAN SHOP 2007 “TOKONOMA” showcased
Workshop for product designers hosted by DIC Color Design, Inc.
Seminar at Kyoto Institute of Technology

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